It’s all about the little things. The smell of the rain as it becomes one with the soil, the taste of jido’s plump ruby red mulberries as they melt on the tip of your tongue, the feeling of jumper teta knitted for you 5 winters ago, the sound of the zeitoun as it sizzles on the skillet to accompany the baked potatoes and onions, the sight of the starry night skies filled with dancing twinkling little stars. It’s all around you, you just have to become the observer and watch as magic unfolds around you.

Nourie is a mountain girl, storyteller, illustrator, child nomad, fruit addict, moon and sun child who has travelled far from her home away from home the deserts of Kuwait, across the deep blue seas to the cold grey city of London. It was there that she found a little door in the many rooms of an whimsical brick red victorian building that opened up and led her into the fascinating world of story telling and illustration.To her Illustration is very similar to the world and our imagination. It has many undiscovered areas awaiting to be stumbled upon and found. An adventure in the making that she has embarked on; taking her through the pine and cedar filled woods, through the lavender fields and orange blossom gardens, to the warm sandy beaches down the cold pavement roads to the snow covered parks across and deep down into the pitch black seas, back up to the breezy mountains, which look upon the violet night skies which are embedded with sparkling jewelled stars, up straight into the universe, where it all began. The creative little cosmic force behind Brown Eyes Studio, a practice that touches upon nostalgia, childhood memories, dreams, and spreading light further than the realms beyond the moon, sun and stars.

Nourie will be presenting a live collaboration with Mohammed Al Muhanna at REUSE x RISE. Her works will also be on display for sale.



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