Chagall is a London-based, Dutch electronic music producer, songwriter and vocalist and an early adopter of the gestural gloves interface. Her latest self-released EP ‘Stray Flux’ introduced us to her alien but soulful voice; ambitious, heavy but constraint ’South London’ production; heartfelt harmonies and skillful lyricism.

In her futuristic audio-visual live set with gloves and effective choreography Chagall controls all electronic layers, vocal effects and interactive visuals with the movement of her hands. Her music draws upon influences ranging from the soulful experimentalism of James Blake, to the eclectic world of Björk, all underpinned by a dark underbelly reminiscent of Burial and a growing generation of female producers like FKA Twigs and Tirzah. Having always been passionate about computers, it was inevitable
that technology became an integral and central part of her creative expression. It was not until she met the team behind the gloves she found the tool she had been looking for to translate that expression that happens mostly inside a computer, in the studio, to the stage in a way that is as engaging as playing acoustic instruments.

Chagall will perform live at REUSE x RISE.


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